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A place of vivid contrasts, our region offers visitors an array of experiences in a unique environment

Lots to see and do…………….WENTWORTH

There really is plenty to see and do in the historic Port of Wentworth and indeed the greater Wentworth Shire and surrounds.

Visitors can enjoy natural features, such as the confluence of the Murray and Darling Rivers (from the Junction Park platform) or by venturing along the cultural and environmental walk on Junction Island to the inner tip of the confluence.  Other natural features include experiencing the great River Red Gums, Perry Sand Hills or perhaps a paddle along Tuckers Creek, a short waterway which exits the Murray and joins the Darling to form what is colloquially known as ‘the island’.

The region is well known for and proud of its sporting facilities boasting top class golf courses, tennis courts and bowling greens. Both the Murray and Darling Rivers are popular for all manner of river activities including water skiing, pleasure cruises, house boating or just attempting to entice a mighty Murray Cod. Wentworth also has a community funded world class skate park for those that appreciate something a little more energetic and adventurous.

The rivers link the communities within this region. Wentworth Shire includes the communities of Wentworth, Dareton, Pomona, Pooncarie, Buronga and Gol Gol.  However our bond with community extends beyond our Shire and incorporates historical and cultural ties with the communities of Menindee, Wilcannia, Tilpa, Louth and Bourke all historical river ports in their own right.

To complement the vast array of natural, environmental and cultural activities there are also many unique tourist attractions to explore.  The Inland Botanical Gardens, walking trails, heritage buildings and river landscapes are all available to the inquisitive explorer. 

With these diverse experiences a full range of accommodation is catered for; from outback farm stays, river view apartments, motels, houseboat holidays, caravan parks and B & B’s.

Relax on the Water …


The Historic Port of Wentworth is uniquely located at the confluence of the two greatest rivers in Australia; the Murray and the Darling.  A perfect place for the creation of Australia‘s busiest inland port in riverboat history.  Wentworth helped facilitate transport and trade from South Australia through to Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.  Though paddle steamers are fewer now, the rivers are still vital lifelines for towns, giving individuals the chance to captain their own craft along the vast waterways.


The Darling River is regarded as Australia’s third longest river however combined with its longest continuous tributaries measures some 2844km making it Australia’s longest river system. With many of its tributaries starting in south east Queensland and north eastern New South Wales the Darling River flows to the confluence where it joins the Murray River at Wentworth.  Sedimentary clay produces a stark colour contrast between the two rivers which is evident as their waters merge.  Travelers can explore the length of this great river by utilizing the ‘Darling River Run’ self-guided tour map.


Whilst the Murray was initially known by several names it was Captain Charles Sturt on the 23rd of January, 1830 who chose to name the river after Sir George Murray, Secretary of State for the Colonies in the British Government.  Acting as a natural border between New South Wales and Victoria the Murray also depends on tributaries sourcing water from winter rains and snow-thaw.   It flows 2530km from the high country in the east to the ocean at the Murray mouth near Goolwa in South Australia.  The introduction of weirs and locks in the 1920’s ensures a constant ‘weir pool’ in and about Wentworth, allowing water sports and recreational activities to become a major draw card.  Truly, one of nature’s most idyllic and surreal playgrounds.


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