Part of the world heritage listed Willandra Lakesregion.

Discover this natural wonder - a unique landscape. Over thousands of years, sun, wind and rain have created this ancient landscape. Lake Mungo's 33km long ancient dry lake beds and spectacular sand formations that make the "Walls of China", are what visitors come to see.

The story of the past can be read in the land as we see it today. The plants and animals have evolved from mega flora and fauna that have gone before, and landscape changes have left evidence in the lakebeds, the lunettes, the dunes and the sediments of the life that lived over 40,000 years ago.

More recently, humans have influenced this area, perhaps subtly in Aboriginal times, and then with more impact since white settlement and grazing of the land.

Mungo National Park is located 146km from Wentworth.

The on-site Interpretative Centre has tour maps and available campsites. Guided tour companies operate regularly from Mildura or group pick up at Wentworth.

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